What to do in AUGUST: Nottinghill Carnival

You can’t miss this! 2 days of crazy dancing in Nottinghill, London. The last weekend of August (bank Holiday WE) this fancy residential area of London is turned into a giant celebration of Carribean culture. You can see beautiful costumes when you follow the parade, stop at some raggae or dubstep sound systems or stroll around the smokey barbecue areas… food, dance, friends.. All is there!

A few tips to enjoy your day at the carnival:

1/ COME EARLY! around 11-12 am is the best, after 2pm you can hardly move…

2/ DRESS UP!  It’s so much fun if you have feathers in your hair, glitter on your face…

3/ DON’T BRING MUCH! a small back pack with water, drinks, your phone (to try and find your friends) is good.

4/ ENJOY! it’s gonna be packed and crazy so just relax, follow the flow and enjoy the music!

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